Notable Projects

Development of 7-storey block of 22 high-end 3 bedroom flats and a penthouse
Design of 7,000m² Eco-friendly Office Complex
Design Adoption of Beach Resort
Design, Development and Construction of 6,000m² Office Building
Design Adoption and Construction of Ultra-modern Hospital
Design and Construction of Ultra Modern Air Cargo Terminal with an assoictaed  Medium-Rise Office Building
More Projects  

PM-Ex Management LLC (PM-Ex) is a project management firm that brings together, on project basis, experts and professionals in construction, engineering design, project finance and management. PM-Ex works closely with Clients to provide comprehensive and competitive service that meets their needs.

Our topmost priority is to satisfy every project in terms of cost, functionality, quality and delivery time.



We aim to provide our Clients with a comprehensive and all-inclusive and cost-effective approach to managing the different components within the construction delivery process to ensure the production of high quality projects that meet the expectations of all stakeholders.




Our Services


Project Feasibility & Finance

Construction Procurement

Design Process Management

Project Management




Civil Engineering, Roadworks and Infrastructure

Commercial/Residential and Industrial

Specialised (Aviation, Hospitality & Healthcare)

Water & Waste Infrastructure and Treatment